About us

Eastbourne Choral Society is committed to bringing a high standard of choral performance to the people of Eastbourne and its surrounding areas, but it is also a choir of mixed abilities where everyone joins in and the most important thing is to enjoy singing! 


Our Musical Director is John Hancorn, an experienced singer, teacher and conductor, whose intelligent and witty direction is complemented by organist and all-round music wizard, Nick Houghton.


We are a friendly Society and like to hold social events and celebrate our lovely choir with meals out as well as group outings to local concerts.  We also organise informal practice sessions in members' homes when we need do do some extra homework! 

Some of our members enjoy helping out in different practical ways when they can, and their partners also lend a hand, giving out programmes and serving refreshments at our concerts, which is greatly appreciated. 

The Choir is also available to sing for weddings, funerals and informal events to boost society funds.

Choral singing strikes a healthy note


Singing together benefits both mind and body, writes

choir member Alison Sprigg: 


Singing has long been recognised as an activity which promotes a sense of personal well-being. Whether it’s starting the day with a favourite tune in the shower, or relieving stress with a rousing chorus in the car, most people find pleasure in singing at some time, often without even thinking about it.

But singing doesn’t need to be solitary. Choral singing has become hugely popular during the last few years, and not only because of the popularity of Gareth Malone, dubbed ‘the nation’s favourite choirmaster’. His various TV shows, and the choirs and personalities featured, have undoubtedly helped by publicising the joys – and benefits – of choral singing.

In fact, more than 2 million people in the UK are now involved in over 40,000 choirs, with a wide diversity of styles covering everything from classical and gospel to folk and pop. The recent increase in the popularity of choral singing is due largely to awareness of the feel-good factor which comes from singing as part of a group. This in itself has been shown to have significant physical and mental benefits.

The most obvious benefit of singing is that being an aerobic activity, it improves circulation by drawing more oxygen into the bloodstream: a particularly important element in singing, where controlled and deep breathing is essential to good technique. Alongside the physical benefits of increased blood flow, singing releases hormones which are specifically responsible for that feel-good factor. Good singing technique also improves posture, to enable correct function of the lungs – an effective antidote to any sedentary lifestyle!

A recent study, carried out by the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London, found that choral singing boosts the body’s immune system, and triggers the release of hormones which reduce stress. Elsewhere, early results from the British Lung Foundation’s Singing for Lung Healthprogramme indicate that group singing is beneficial to asthma and other respiratory conditions.

So choral singing can become a significant part of a general physical fitness programme. In addition, its sociable and mutually supportive nature is a powerful and relaxing experience in itself, with all the benefits for mind and body which that involves.

All this, of course, merely serves to confirm what any choral singer knows instinctively: singing together is good for you! In addition to the fun and satisfaction of an activity shared with like-minded people, joining a choir provides the chance to develop skills, not only in broadening musical knowledge, but also in concentration, memory and mental agility. Working towards a performance brings a focus on achievable goals, while the performance itself can boost individual confidence and encourage social bonding. This naturally results in friendships; one recent study found that choir members tend to feel closer to each other than people taking part in other group activities, while many choral groups organise members’ social activities such as quiz evenings and suppers.

Choirs are also ideally placed to support their local communities, by singing in aid of charities and taking their music-making into residential care homes and hospices. The joy which this brings to their listeners – and to themselves – is immeasurable.

That’s certainly the case here in Eastbourne and the surrounding area, where local choirs pride themselves on their friendliness, their social activities, and their community links. There is a range of choirs across our district, with many of them listed on the website of the Eastbourne and District Choirs Association, at www.eadca.uk/choirs. So please do visit us; a warm welcome awaits you at your local choir!

John Hancorn
Nick Houghton